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Welcome to peachviewstable.com! If you are interested in holding your child’s next birthday party in an outdoor environment, where they can be surrounded by nature, and experience the benefits of animal care, then pony parties are a great idea!

Why pony parties?

They offer a perfect escape from the busy and hectic lives we lead nowadays. Aren’t we all tired of seeing our little ones bent over screens at home, ignoring the serenity of the outside world?

How do pony parties work?

Pony parties are usually held at a farm, a fair, a ranch or occasionally at zoos. Children have the opportunity of learning how to ride ponies for a short time, along with learning how to groom them and how to take care of them properly.

Pony parties are very often themed – children can come dressed as cowboys or cowgirls, knights and princesses or even cowboys and Indians to give it that real Western feel. Children are sometimes allowed to dress the ponies up as well, even by giving them brightly coloured hair accessories.

There is something for every child to enjoy at a pony party. For those who are new to being around these animals, they will get to have a brand new experience and a real feel of what equine life and care is like. For those who already take riding lessons and are a little more experienced, they might even be able to do things that are a little more adventurous, for example leading the ponies around an obstacle course.

No matter the activity, being around ponies gives kids the chance to be outside in the fresh air, and teaches them the importance and responsibilities of caring for another living being. They are ideal for those up to the ages of about 10 or 12, depending on the size of the animal, although sometimes older horses can be used to accommodate older children.